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ML UPDATE 50 / 2010

ML Update

A CPI(ML) Weekly News Magazine

Vol. 13, No. 50, 07 – 13 DECEMBER 2010


Justice for 6 December 1992 -

Punish the Perpetrators of the Babri Masjid Demolition!

On 6 December 1992, Sangh Parivar mobs demolished the Babri Masjid at Ayodhya. They were led by the top leaders of the BJP – including Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Uma Bharti. Each blow struck at the historic structure of the mosque was a deliberate, grievous blow to the secular fabric of India. 

In the 18 years since the demolition of the Babri Masjid, the perpetrators of that dastardly act have never been punished. The Liberhan committee came out with its belated report indicting BJP and Sangh leaders, but even after the report was tabled, the UPA Government has done nothing to ensure justice for the demolition.      

On 30 September this year, just a few months before the 18th anniversary of the demolition, the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court came out with a verdict in the title suit case that in fact rewarded the very same forces who demolished the Masjid! The judgment, throwing the principles of evidence and justice to the winds, awarded 2/3rds of the land to the Hindu claimants.

It is true that the verdict awards one third of the land to the Muslims. Some try to tell us that this verdict should be accepted in the interests of "peace" and "harmony." Can peace ever be had without justice? Can the demolishers of the Masjid share the land with the victims of the demolition who had occupied it for 400 years? Can secular and democratic Indian citizens ever rest if the perpetrators of the Babri Masjid demolition are rewarded rather than punished? Such a verdict will only end up emboldening the communal fascists who will seek to repeat Ayodhya all over the country, destroy secularism and equality, and turn minorities into second-class citizens.

The Congress party, which watched mutely as the idols were smuggled by communal forces into the Masjid, which facilitated the opening of the locks on the Masjid, and whose Prime Minister presided over the demolition of the Masjid, would like to bury the memory of the demolition. The Congress and its UPA Government is neither interested in acting on the Liberhan report and punishing the guilty, nor in ensuring that justice is done in the title suit case. It is Congress' vacillations and double standards that have emboldened the Sangh Parivar time and again.       

On 6 December 2010, let us assert that no peace is possible until justice is done and the demolishers of the Babri Masjid punished! Let us resist the attempts (both judicial and political) to erase the memory of the demolition of India's secular values. Let us demand that the Supreme Court does justice in the title suit case, and let us demand that both the Courts and the Central Government initiate action against the perpetrators of the Babri Masjid demolition. 

CPI(ML) Protests Demanding Justice for 6 December 1992

On the occassion of 18 anniversary of demolition of the Babri Masjid the Communist Party of India (ML) and its affiliated organisations organised various programmes throughout the country. In Delhi, a march was held from Mandi House to Jantar Mantar to press for the demand of justice for the crime perpetrated eighteen years ago against democratic and secular fabric of the country. The activists of AISA and AICCTU also took part in the march. The march was concluded at Jantar Mantar in a mass meeting which was addressed by CPI(ML) State Secretary Sanjay Sharma, AICCTU Delhi General Secretary Santosh Rai, AISA General Secretary Ravi Rai, JNU Students Union ex-President Sandip Singh, AISA leaders from JNU Piyush Raj, Jeeshan and Hamid from Jamia and from DU Sunny and many others.

In Uttar Pradesh, dharna, marches and meetings were organised at various places. A dharna was held in Lucknow at Shahid Memorial while a march was organised in Varanasi which started from Cant. Station. Nearly a hundred Party activists were arrested by the administration in Gazipur and 40 in Chandauli when they were starting marches from the Party offices. Dharna were held in Sitapur and Lakhimpur Kheri districts. In Balia and Nichlaul of Maharajganj district mass meeting were organised. Similar programmes were also held at many other places. The speakers appealed to the Supreme Court to do justice with the Babri Masjid and secular democratic fabric of the country.

In Rajasthan programmes were held in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jhunjhunu, Wuhana and some other places. In Jaipur a mass meeting was organised at Khona Gauriyan which was also attended by the members of various mass organisations. Comrade Srilata Swaminathan, CC member, was the main speaker. She criticized the UP High Court decision which is nothing but a reward to the communal fascists. The meeting was conducted by AIPWA leader Manjulata. AICCTU leader Anand Dheva and AIKM district incharge Ramjilal Chalwaria addressed the meeting besides comrades Hina, Jamila Bano, Manju Rathaur, Usha Yadav, Manju Bagum and other.

A march was organised in Udaipur, from Town Hall  to Collectorate, on this day and a memorandum was sent to the President of India with the demand of punishing the guilty of Babri Masjid without any further delay. Comrade Chandradev Aula, District Secretary of the Party, addressed the marchers where he criticized the role of Congress party in strengthening of the communal fascist forces in the country. He also condemned the UPA Govt. for various mega-scams and demanded speedy justice. The meeting was also addressed by Nathulal Gameti, L. Ram Jat, and AISA Incharge Yogesh Rawal. A mass meeing was held in Jhunjhunu.

In Haryana, a protest was held in Kurukshetra which was addressed by Comrade Prem Singh Gahalawat and BKU leader Sube Singh Rana.

In Gujarat, a good public gathering was organised in Bhilad which was addressed by Party's CC member Prabhat Kumar and State Incharge Ranjan Ganguly.

Programmes were also held at many places in other states.

Convention on Women Agricultural Labourers in Mysore

A state-level convention on 'Women Agricultural Labourers – Challenges and Resistance', was jointly organized by AIPWA and Samata Vedike on 5 Dec at Mysore. Nearly 500 women from the rural belts of Davangere, Koppal, Chitradurga, Mysore and Bangalore participated. Members of Samata enacted a skit on the issues of women agricultural labourers to inaugurate the convention. Chief Guest, Com Kavita Krishnan, all-India Secretary, AIPWA, inaugurated the convention and said that the BJP government in the state stands exposed. The CM himself is shamelessly claiming that his own ministers are more corrupt than him and that he is not the only corrupt CM in the state. He justified his corruption by citing precedents. The BJP government is killing women with its policy of violence. Christian women and Muslim women are being attacked. Hindu women are targeted and attacked for "wrong behaviour" and for demanding rights. The state is unleashing severe repression on women protestors. She gave a call for women to break their silence and wage a determined battle against violence and this unjust system, which has money for liquor to flow but no money for drinking water. Meera Nayak, Convenor, Samata, presiding the inaugural session, stressed on the need for women to resist all kinds of exploitation and oppression.

This was followed by testimonies of struggles of women – against the closure of rice mills of Gangavati, irregularities in NREGA at Harapanahalli and Nanjangud, availing of the PDS facility in Sathigehundi, HDKote, against social boycott and sexual harassment of Budihalli dalit women and on conditions of women workers in export garment units in Bangalore. Basamma Daggi, Sainabi and Sharada from Gangavati, Sanramamma and Gopika from Sathigehundi, Kariyamma, Shakinamma and Renukamma from Harapanahalli, Marakka and Lakshmakka from Budihalli, Rajeshwari from Nanjangud (Spoorthy) and Shaila from Bangalore presented their struggle experiences. While presiding the session, Prof R Indira from Mysore University said that the corrupt governments in the state and centre don't have an iota of shame. Women need to reject all efforts of the corrupt BJP government to woe women with free sarees and be in the forefront of struggles against corruption and for a life of dignity.

In the second session, the testimonies on SHG issues, struggles against arrack sale, struggles for basic amenities including roads, bus facilities, toilets, Ashraya houses, distribution of Bhagyalakshmi bonds for female babies and issues of domestic workers were shared. Hampakka, State Vice-President of AIPWA and Honnamma from Hoskote spoke on the SHG issues. Jawajjar Honnamma from Budiyala, Devakka from Matthihalli, Honnamma from Kayakadahalli, Nagamma and Sharada from Nichapura of Harapanahalli, Sonamma and Shakina Begum from Gangavati, Maniyamma, Putnanjamma, Jayamma, Nagamma, Sanramamma and Kotramma from Sogalli, Sathigehundi and Nandinathapura of H D Kote spoke on anti- arrack struggles and struggles for basic amenities while Saroja (Domestic Workers Rights Union) from Bangalore shared the conditions of domestic workers. Anusuyamma, Convenor, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS) , presided this session. She said that the BJP government has completely betrayed the people. Women should gear up to fight the corruption and irregularities at all levels; they should consciously break out of the illusion that some one will fulfil their needs and learn to grab their rights.

In the concluding speech Rati Rao, National Vice President, AIPWA, said that this convention could bring together the experiences of various struggling women and stressed the need to struggle for rights. Though the struggle against corruption has been a protracted struggle our women's response and resolve has been very encouraging and we need to forge a unity among our struggling sisters in different places and strengthen their voice of resistance.

A ten point resolution demanding a CBI enquiry on corruption and equal wages, crèche, PF, BPL cards and so on was passed by the convention

Kumuda, Samata, welcomed the gathering, Susheela, Roopa Rao, Anupama of Samata and Ranjani and Gandhimathi of AIPWA, co-ordinated the sessions. Geetha, Samata, gave vote of thanks. Com Bharadwaj, Com Parsappa, Shivamurthy of HRFDL spoke on the occasion.

AIPWA March Against Micro-finance Scam in Kakinada

Hundreds of women marched in Kakinada town on 22 November under the banner of AIPWA demanding to 'Scrap Micro Finance Institutions, provide loans to women through government institutions." They sat on a dharna at the Kakinada collectorate and submitted a memorandum highlighting the above demands. K Ratna Kumari, AIPWA District President and State Secretary R Nagamani led the march. AIALA State Secretary B Bangaru Rao, district CPI(ML) leaders Comrades Latehababu, Arjuna Rao, Ganesh, and Nageshwara Rao also participated.    

AIKM District Conference in East Godavari

The East Godavari district conference of AIKM was held in Pratipadu town on 24 November. 75 delegates participated in the conference. AIKM State Secretary D Harinath, AIALA State Secretary B Bangaru Rao and other district leaders addressed the Conference. A 21-member district committee was elected with Comrades K Ganesh as President, Setty Yesubabu as Vice President and Pilla Chandram as Secretary.

AIALA Protest in front of Odisha Assembly

Thousands of agricultural workers demanded from the Odisha Govt. minimum guarantee of 200 days of work with a minimum wage of Rs. 200 per day as well as to ensure 50 Kg food grains per family through PDS while holding a protest in front of Orissa Assembly. They asked from the Odisha CM to hold a special session of the Assembly on the issue of land reforms. They also demanded land pattas and withdrawal of false cases imposed by the administration on Comrade Tirupati Gomango, National Executive member of AIALA.

The huge procession was started from Nagbhushan Bhavan with colourful placards and slogans. This was led and addressed by comrades Khitish Biswal, Radha Kanta Sethi, Satyabadi Behera, President AIALA Odisha, Bidyadhar Patra, Ashok Pradhan, Yusdhistir Mohapatra and Tirupati Gamango.

IIMS Meeting in Kozhikode on 'Women's Movement in Contemporary India'

On 7 December, Indian Institute of Marxist Studies (IIMS) held a meeting in the Press Club Hall, Kozhikode, on the topic 'Women's Movement in Contemporary India.' The main speaker at the meeting was Kavita Krishnan, CC Member of CPI(ML) and National Secretary AIPWA. The meeting was chaired by Comrade John K Erumeli, Secretary, State Leading Team of CPI(ML) Liberation, Kerala. Comrade K M Venugopalan, Convenor of IIMS in Kerala welcomed the participants. State Leading Team members Joy Peter and O P Kunjupillai also participated in the meeting. In the talk and the discussion that followed with several activists of autonomous and left women's groups, student activists and other left and democratic activists, the challenges before the women's movement today were discussed and the need to develop a women's movement with a revolutionary left orientation was highlighted. Advocate P A Pouran, Secretary, PUCL Kerala, Comrades Smitha, Ambika and Shajil of LCC Kerala, Viji, activist of Penkootu, a working women's group in Kozhikode, activists of the Progressive Students' Forum (PSF) and several mediapersons also participated in the meeting.

CPI(ML) Rally at Singur

An impressive rally was organised at Singur at the call of the West Bengal State Committee of the Party on 2nd December, 2010. The participants in the rally assembled at the Kamarkundu station from different parts of the adjoining districts. The rallyists demanded to (1) Return all lands acquired from the peasants for the Tata Nano factory with compensation; (2) Punishment to the murderers of Tapasi Malik and Rajkumar Bhule; (3) Withdrawal of all fake cases launched against the agitators demanding return of land and (4) Punishment to the Chairman of the local Panchayat run by Trinamul Congress who have been indicted for corruption.

The rally traversed through the entire area falling under the local panchayat and concluded at the Singur railway station, where a small mass meeting was held in which state party leaders and leaders of All India Kishan Mahasabha and All India Agricultural Labourers Association (AIALA) spoke. All the speakers exposed the pro-big capital role of the Left Front government and the hypocrisy of Trinamul Congress, who utilized the Singur issue for their narrow electoral gains and kept silence thereafter. The rally created good impact on the local people, who welcomed the consistent efforts of the party to bring justice to the peasants, sharecroppers and agricultural labourers of the area who were evicted from their means of livelihood due to forcible acquisition of land by the Left Front government for facilitating setting up of Nano factory by the Tatas.

AICCTU Initiatives in Punjab

Chandigarh: The workers of Punjab Engineering College, under the banner of the PEC Mess Workers Union, (Regd.)afiliated with AICCTU, went on strike on 3 December 2010 to press the management to fulfil their demands. The workers were demanding recruitment of staff on the 43 posts lying vacant in the messes due to which they had to work overloaded, day and night, a hike in their wages, stopping illegal deduction being made from the salaries of every worker in the name of food whereas no food item is issued from the mess stores, a job for the wife of a workman who died of brain haemorrhage a few days ago apart from many other demands.

The leader of the workmen, Satish Kumar, Achar Singh and Ashwani Kumar said that workers have been raising their demands with the management since long but the management didn't even called a meeting to resolve the issue. So now after repeated reminders when the management turned a deaf ear even to the notice of the strike, the workers have no other option than to go on a tool down. They said that during the tool down the workers have decided to sit peacefully at their work place and no work will be done during the tool down.

 But the management of the PEC is not in a mood to resolve the issue, rather they are provoking the workers to resort to violent means by trying to bring contract workers from elsewhere and carry on the work. The leaders alleged that the police is once again playing the role of a private army of the management by offering their services to take the outside workers into the mess under cover and threatening the workers of registering cases and cane charging.

The Chandigarh unit president of AICCTU, Kanwal jeet Singh said that the management of PEC should come to a table talk and resolve the issue instead of trying unfair means of harassing and threatening the workers. He warned the Chandigarh administration that if police does not stop playing undue and negative role in the matter, the contract workers union of PGI, Gen. Hospital Sec. 16 along with other affiliated unions of AICCTU may also start agitation in favor of the PEC workers. He further said that the demands of the mess workers are genuine as they are being forced to work up to 16 hrs. per day due to shortage of workers. One of the workers died of brain haemorrhage recently which is a clear outcome of the inhuman work conditions which these workers are subject to.

The local unit of RYA (Revolutionary Youth Association) also supported the workers agitation and issued leaflets in its support. They appealed the students to boycott the messes till the management does not resolve the issue with the workmen.


Edited, published and printed by S. Bhattacharya for CPI(ML) Liberation from U-90, Shakarpur, Delhi-92; printed at Bol Publication, R-18/2, Ramesh Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-92; Phone:22521067; fax: 22442790, e-mail:, website:

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